Victor Kgauhelo Mofokeng was born in 1982 In the Free State, South Africa. His creative capabilities started showing as early as standard 4 when he was always making drawings on any surface he could get, He soon became a go-to for students and teachers alike to help them with subject illustrations for assignments and lesson demonstrations.
Mofokeng works with bread crumbs as a medium to render his subject matter.
Since 2011 Victor has been developing, experimenting, and documenting the life cycle of bread both as a basic universal food source and a metaphoric commodity of economics across ages and civilizations.
He also uses bread as a metaphor for his characters, those he terms “warriors of recycling” whom he depicts in his pieces dragging loads of bread as they are also breadwinners for their families trading in the recycling sector. Bread has turned out to be Victor’s choice of material of convenience as there are no art supplies shops in the rural areas he lives in, bread is both accessible and easy to prepare and use for his craft.
His treatment of bread as a medium allows him to explore his leap of imagination in the placement of his characters (bread, man, and trolley) who are shrouded by the invisibility of their sector of operations as they are hidden in plain sight.
He follows his unique sequence of preparation which involves treating his support, usually stretched canvas, Masonite board, or paper using multi-purpose glue and wheat flour to make a bonding resin. He uses toasted bread crumbs to create texture and background as he then skillfully create tone, shape and other elements of art as his content develops gradually layer by layer.

Victor tries to be as simple in the interpretation of his composition as well as in the treatment of his characters as they represent a group of courageous folks who take their occupation very seriously expressing their true reality.

His pieces narrate intimate yet public life stories of ordinary folk who strive to make a living on bread crumbs of society whilst holding on to their dignity and human pride.
As seemingly, crude and emotive as they are, Victor’s unique medium and style display an apparent probing of contemporary urban survival issues spawned by socio-economic challenges and social inequalities.

In 2009 He pursued a fine arts qualification diploma at the historic Funda Centre in the middle of Soweto. He majored in painting, printmaking, history of art, drawing, and sculpture.
He made his name in his first year when he took the first prize in Freedom and Responsibility Award backed by the NAC and the Pressure Agency 2009. He impressed his mark again by winning the first prize in Art and Ubuntu trust Ernest Manqoba Educational poster project in 2011. Victor got distinctions when he was introducing bread crumbs as an interpretable medium to render the content of his theme ‘Survival’.
He exhibited in a group exhibition Essen/Food by Yix a collective from different parts of Europe in 2015 at Dominig gallery Austria, Vienna. In 2015 he has exhibited in a group exhibition titled Forward that was depicting SA art in 100years to come at University of Stellenbosch Museum.
In 2019 he took the first prize in the Brainstorm Poster Calendar project that featured 12 artists who specialize in recycled mediums based in Johannesburg.

” for me, bread is a story of reality since childhood my grandmother taught us techniques of preserving bread lifecycle using sun rays and heat transforming from mold-prone dough to rusks with longer shelf life.”

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