Lennos Muchemwa


I am Zimbabwean visual artist residing in South Africa. I was born in Mashonaland East Province in the Marondera District in 1972. By profession, I’m a former high school Art & Design teacher, a graphic designer and a practicing fine artist. I hold a Bachelor of Technology (Hns) Degree in Creative Art & Design from Chinhoyi University of Technology. Artist’s story line. I am a diversified artist and as such, I cannot be identified by a single personal creative style. I am not limited to the old or modern schools of art although they are foundational to my artistic and creative prowess. It is therefore, from this view that I find my joy in exercising unlimited freedom of creative intention in my art pieces. How I produce my artworks is largely determined and driven by both the subject matter and the creative intention in a particular artwork. In another way, my art also expresses how I view and understand the communities I live in and what I think about them. My art pieces largely fall under the following major categories: paintings, drawings, engravings, printmaking, sculpture, photography, textiles, graphics, ceramics and installations. Subject matter. My subject matter is open-ended. I can work from anything. However, it largely revolves around humanity and everything that affects it either positively or negatively i.e. politics, socio-economic issues, natural disasters, environmental issues, human rights issues, inequality and power. I use my artworks as a commentary of all these issues affecting and limiting progress of humanity in every sense but with close reference to the challenges affecting African women and children. The tales in my art strongly recount and reflect on the trials, tribulations and oppressions, all forms of abuse and personal traumas that African women and children encounter in their struggle to gain power and experience equality in their various societies. For example, gender based violence against women and children is very rife in African societies. From close observation, all of it happens at the background of gross human rights violation issues, political instability, poor governance, corruption, health and HIV/Aids, crime, inequalities in the areas of education, power sharing and generational poverty, which is perpetuated by some African cultural practices and stereotypes. My art therefore speaks for the voiceless masses who are existing under a dark cloud of psychological torture, fear of political victimisation, economic meltdown, extreme poverty, uncertainty and gross human rights violations.

EXHIBITIONS AND MAJOR ART WORKSHOPS 1. “Strings of Hope 2 Group Exhibition.” (Amanzi Gallery, Harare.) 2016 2. “40th Birthday Retrospective Group Exhibition.” (Queen of the Hearts Café, Harare.) 2015. 3. Art and Design Curriculum Review Workshop/Zimbabwe Art Teachers Association 2015. 4. Zimbabwe Annual Schools Arts Festival/Peterhouse School/Harare 2013. 5. Annual Visual Arts Festival/Mashonaland West Visual Artists Association 2006. 6. “21st Century Exquisite Designs.” (Chinhoyi University of Technology) , , ……. 2007.

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